Board of Directors

Rico E. Harris | Read Bio
Executive Director

Arthur Meadows
Chairperson, Board of Directors
and Director of Arts and Education


Margaret Myers
Vice Chairperson, Board of Directors
and Director of Infirmary


Donald Page
Treasurer, Board of Directors
and Director, Administrate Offices


Margaret E., Randall
Secretary, Board of Directors
and Executive Admin. Asst.


Zachrous Hunter
Director, 3 South and 
Deputy Executive Director


Lou August
President, Wilderness Technologies, Inc.

Corliss Franklin
Director, Case Management
Director, 2 South


Richard Hor
Director of Operations
Transportation Costing Group, Inc.


Jamil Husain
President, Telophase Corporation


William Smith
Director, 3 North Floor


Cassandra Day
Director, Communications Center


Kenneth Van Horn
Director, 1 South


Reginald Johnson
Director, Maintenance


Walter Woodward


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